Business Start Up

Off The Plan Group

‘Off the Plan Group’ business startup was a great project for our team. ‘Off the Plan Group’ is starting as a natural evolution by owners Donna and John. Seeing a gap in the market for investors and homeowners alike, looking for a seamless transition into the ‘off the plan’ market.

Their unique talent is to take two dimensional drawings and bring them into life for their clients.

Creating a video, website and a new logo to tell the story of Off the plan was our brief.  We tell their story through video, we explore the exciting world of ‘off the plan’ property ownership.  The website is a place to show off the up and coming developments and a starting place for purchasers.

Logo Design.

Following on from the video & website content, the logo and brand identity started to take shape. Keeping in mind the flow of a contemporary but slightly corporate style. Producing a prominent logo & brand to set John & Donna apart from the rest was such an easy task. Given the stand in their community, building a brand around them was a breeze.  Click here to chat with our creative team today to see how we can breath new life into your brand.

Logo designs for Off the Plan Group

Website scrolling on a mac