Commercial Photography

Our Approach

Commercial photography has many hats, and we wear most of them. While assisting you in almost all areas of commercial photography & video we certainly looking after the toughest of projects.  Our team are specialists in all facets of property photography, floor plans, staging, drone work & video. Shooting builders projects, hotels & resorts, architecture and the larger commercial-scale projects are what we love doing. As a result, we are developing some amazing consistent relationships with builders and local business on the Sunshine Coast. Above all, we continue to provide an amazing start to finish service that consequently builds rapport with our current clientele. Maybe, you have been contemplating some new imagery to show off your space or a refresh of your current service? you will not be disappointed in picking up the phone and chatting to us, its as simple calling 1300 441 411

Concrete welcome desk with hanging lights on a textured wall

Larger Commercial-Scale Projects

Partnering with industry-leading specialists in their fields, most importantly we create visually impacting content. Looking at the key attributes of each project, producing a tailored package focusing on the building environment. Offering a complete end to end service. Using our multi-faceted skill set with a combination of time-lapse, aerial and photography to showcase the build and completed project. As a result, your business will stockpile premium quality documented footage for social & website promotions as well as future tenders. The advantages of not just “documenting” a commercial build but actually creating a visual vocabulary resound with us. For that reason, we take your project and vision and bring it to life.

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Completed project for ShedTech on their software and product using time-lapse & video.
Imagery to left provided by our industry partner Aerial View Photography and Videography.

Hotels & Resorts

Knowing that your goal is “heads on beds” we show off room sizes, amenities and location of your hotel or resort. Similarly, it’s important to your potential clients looking for a place to stay, so it is important to us. For that reason, we use creative and talented commercial photographers. Because it is essential to adding value to your sales and marketing campaigns.  Having a wealth of imagery and video under our belts we are are not shy in saying leaders in the hotel and resort photographic field.  Click here to send us a direct email on pricing.

Some of our recent projects include: Swiss-Bell Hotel Brisbane, Swiss-Bell Hotel Sydney, Pumicstone Blue, Panadus, Aspect, Coco Mooloolaba, La Mer Sunshine Beach.

Builders Projects

Because builders are the backbone of the residential and commercial infrastructure. Capturing your completed builds is paramount to us. Due to the yearly building awards, using commercial photography to show off the aspect of the property has become common.  online showcase’s and website content is a must. Highlighting the very best of your portfolio, and catapulting your stockpile of content ready to quote the next project. Due to the specifics of the housing awards, we are well versed in the requirements of handing in an award-winning entry. As a result, we are very well known for our stunning dusk imagery, editorial/styled shots of fixtures & materials used. Finally, our team will not disappoint, striving to achieve the desired results regardless of your project and its complexity.

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Medium density townhouses

BA Murphy was awarded the 2018 Sunshine Coast Housing & Construction Award for medium Density. Up to 3 storeys 2-5 dwellings Maroochydore project