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What is a hero shot? and what does it mean for you?

We have seen some substantial aesthetic changes to how agent listings appear on the property search list on
I have read some very interesting articles whilst keeping an eye on some polls and forums via real estate media circles. An interesting point made by Karen Hutton, via There are 3 very important things that you, as an agent or property owner can use to your advantage. Capatilising on the changes which we have no control over being the key.

No more do we sit and stew over creating an original headline to grab a buyers attention. First of all, REA no longer show headline text, furthermore there is no longer any preview text either. This begs the question, how do you entice the buyer to consequently click on your listing?

You need to create a deep connection within your first paragraph, then finish with benefit-rich bullet points for the reader who likes to scan. Karen Hutton.

Last but certainly not least the HERO SHOT !
The only thing your potential buyers will see after completing a property search is the property image! Wouldn’t you then want to use only the best to highlight your property?

iPad showing comparison real estate Hero shot
What hero shot stands out to you ?


At iPhotorealestate our clients love our imagery, we don’t follow the crowd. Creating authentic imagery that sparks an emotional response by the viewer, potentially enticing a buyer to click on your property.
There is still many agents going out to properties with a camera and occasionally even a tripod, taking their own images. The agents competition solely being a professional photographer who lives, eats and breathes property photography. Photographers have their service and process down to a fine art, agents would find it hard to compete.
Now, lets look at an active listing  the first thing a buyer sees is now imagery, then the imagery needs to POP off the page and stop the buyer in their tracks from scrolling any further.


There is an old saying that a picture can tell a thousand words. These images tell two very different stories about the same property. A stunning emotive external hero shot that allows you to feel what you would if standing inside that very property. Image 2 is a close up of the fixtures, you can almost feel the texture of the tap ware. We also suggest you view our online gallery here for ideas.
Fantastic imagery & property styling can often make the difference between a potential buyer opening a web link or scrolling onto the next property.

One day styling will be a standard inclusion too. We’ve been styling our client’s homes since 2004. But still few agents offer this level of help to their sellers. Why don’t they? I assume it’s because they have yet to fully comprehend how styling means better photographs and better photographs means more online views; and that equals more buyers at your open homes. Bottom line, styling and great photos often mean a home will sell for more money, sooner.  Peter Hutton – at H & H

The importance of quality and innovative photography can mean a exceptionally powerful emotive hero shot that gets the click. Think about it, the buyer has already predetermined their suburb, beds, bath and parking options. Because a price range has likely been established via the search field, the result…the only thing left is what is in front of them. Use your BEST photo!

A bunch of “Hero” shots…. WHAT WILL YOUR HERO SHOT BE?

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