Real Estate Marketing FAQ, the most asked questions.

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Don’t feel like sending us an email or picking up the phone, below we answer some of the most common questions you may have about marketing your property or why choosing iPhotorealestate should be your only choice.

Question What can I expect to pay for real estate photography services?
AnswerHow long is a piece of string….You are preparing to sell your largest investment & like anything else you do, what you put in is what you get out. If you want top dollar for your property iPhotorealesate can look after your whole real estate marketing package – you can view these by clicking on our live real estate booking calendar button.

If you are a Real Estate Agent or a private seller iPhotorealestate have a variety of real estate marketing tools. Your listing performs better with our real estate marketing, most importantly we move listings from “just listed” to “just sold”.

We have a super affordable real estate photography day shoot starting at $175.00 and rental shots starting at $100.00

Question Why iPhotorealestate and not another photographer?
AnswerWe can give you over 73,302,600 million reasons why!
In the last 6 months alone across the Sunshine Coast iPhotorealestates real estate marketing & photography have assisted in the sale of over $73,000,000 worth of properties! our results speak for themselves. We creative emotive authentic imagery.

We shoot it….. you sell it!

Question We need to get our property on the market ASAP, can you help?
AnswerReal Estate marketing is a fast paced game & we support real estate agents and vendors alike with our 1 business turn around times on real estate photo shoots.

Our live real estate booking calendar lets you lock in a real estate shoot time that suits you. Images will be edited & subsequently delivered on completion into your personalised download centre by COB the following business day.

Don’t see the time you need in the live real estate booking calendar, call us on 1300 441 411.

Question How do I pay?
AnswerGreat question!

You will always have the option to pay securely via the live real estate booking calendar at the time of your booking. If you are a regular booking agent, you can request a monthly account for ease of booking multiple shoots.
iPhotorealestates real estate photographers & video team carry mobile square payment facilities for invoice payments at the time of the shoot, and in addition payments can also be made over the phone via Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Question Aside from photography what other services do you offer?
AnswerReal estate marketing is very comprehensive. We provide all you need to complete a full and effective listing beginni.

  • day & dusk real estate photography
  • property video
  • drone services with our CASA certified operators
  • re drawn from builders plans or drawn on site
  • virtual staging & cleaning for empty or “tired” properties
  • copy writing
  • agent and agency head shots & video
  • design and print of all your brochures, signboards etc

Question Who owns the images ?
AnswerAs the creator of the images iPhotorealestate retain full copy write and ownership of the images and grant the purchaser/payer an unlimited licence to use the photos for intended use at time of purchase.  Releasing images to a third party requires prior written permission of the purchaser/payer.

We reserve the right to use any piece of imagery for our own marketing purposes.

For full disclosure on copywrite please see our T&C’s  (link)